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Our company officially sprouted in the late summer of 2009 when Ken took a phone call from his first client who need some trees removed in a pasture not far from his childhood home in Townsend, DE. "The farm" not far from Townsend is where Kens love of trees took root when he was a young man. He was always fasicinated with how trees grew and interacted with one another in the forrest. He was swinging hatchets and gathering firewood to heat the family home since he had baby teeth. After graduating from the University of Delaware and a brief career in the corporate world, Ken knew that it was time to return to what he loves the most, trees. Planting trees, caring for trees, and removing them if neccesary. Ken's booming firewood business fits with his desire of not wanting to waste anything produced from his tree care operations. The past 10-years have enabled the company to learn and grow. Ken is proud of his crew and says that they are the safest, most productive crew that he has ever had. With a continued focus on quality and efficiency, Corrin Tree & Landscape Company gets better every day.  


The Owner

About Ken Corrin

At the age of 7, Ken Corrin cut down a tree with a hatchet to clear a path for horses on the family farm. He was providing firewood for most of his extended family by the age of twelve.

Ten years later, Corrin Tree & Landscape Company began as a full time landscaping and tree service company. We have invested in an array of equipment which ensures we have the right tool for each project. We ensure that the work we perform today will last throughout the years.

For Tree & Landscape Construction Services Call us at 302-753-8733 or email Ken directly at Ken@corrintree.com


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