Green Giant Arborvitae

Screen trees

When a wall of green is in order, not many trees are as reliable as the Green Giant Arborvitae. They are an incredibly resilient species of evergreen tree, both easy to plant and maintain. Often reaching heights of 50ft at a rate of 3ft per year, the green giant arborvitae’s voracious growth makes it a perfect option for privacy, preventing pool peaking neighbors and binocular strapped drivers.  These pest and storm resistant trees have proven themselves year after year in a variety of landscape aplications.

We have two varieites of screens which are very similar, however, the green splendors have a narrower growth habit than the green giants.


Green Giants

Great all-purpose screen tree with a wider base.


Green Splendors

More narrow growth habit, great for when space is limited.


Great Screening, Withstands The Test Of Time

Quickly Establish A Privacy Screen

Given the fast growth rate of the Green Giants and the Green Splendors, establishing a privacy screen happens quickly when larger, more mature trees are selected for the initial plantings. However, if smaller trees are more budget friendly, you will be pleased with the rapid growth rate of the high quality plant material that we provide.


Pest and Storm REsistant

Green Giants are best known for their resistance to deer and other pests, as well as storms. The branch structure of a mature Green Giant or Green Splendor is perpendicular to the stem of the tree. Thus, when encountered with the heavy load of snow and ice, the branches give slightly and shed the load preventing damage to the tree. Compared to trees like the White Pine and Leyland Cypress, the Green Giants and almost indestructable when it comes to storms. The sturdy, deeply spreading root system makes them less susceptibe to issues such as uprooting when planted properly. 

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