Kiln-Dried Firewood

The kiln-dried Difference

We have the best firewood. Ask anyone who has ever tried it. We guarantee you can light our kiln-dried firewood when delivered with a single match.

What makes kiln-dried firewood so good? It has been dried in an industrial oven purpose-built for wood. Depending on the species, we have customized programs that eliminate molds, fungus, and moisture. Commercial, "seasoned" firewood contains 25% moisture content. Our moisture content 3% or less. Our kiln-dried firewood is moisture free and burns easier, brighter, and longer with minimal smoke than standard wood. We only use species with dense, fibrous structures that burn more efficiently and hotter.

We use our proprietary process for all firewood for one reason: to ensure we have the best firewood available. 


Why Kiln-Dried?

A Better Experience

Kiln-dried firewood is a luxurious firewood. Kiln-dried means no bugs, mold, or fungus and is ready to burn upon arrival. We deliver our USDA-certified organic kiln-dried firewood to your residence.

What is the kiln-dried firewood experience?

  • Easier to ignite than standard wood.
  • Burns more efficiently with hotter fires
  • Using less wood with your indoor or outdoor fires
  • Less smoke when burning
  • Weighs less than regular seasoned wood, making it easier to carry.
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Made Locally, With Love

Our green pledge is to ensure sustainability. Taking down a tree is hardly preferred. We do not waste it. When we remove or prune trees, it's because they become hazardous to people or property. The materials are recycled into heating fuel, lumber, mulch, and other products to ensure nothing goes to waste.

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Ultra Premium

Premium solid-cut wood only. May order in 100% pure oak, Red Oak, White Oak, Cherry,  Ash, or Hickory, or a mixed blend (based on availability). Custom lengths are available from 12" to 24". Chunk stove wood is available.

Custom Options: 
Custom lengths are available from 12" to 24"
Chunk stove wood is available
Species based upon availability.
You can mix and match.
Free delivery within 20 miles of 19801 and $3/mile additional

Spring Special
( Blend )

Best Seller!
Ultra Premium Hardwood Blend

Our premium hardwood blend - contains oak, cherry, maple, locust, hickory, walnut, and American beech. These kiln-dried hardwoods provide the highest heat output of all hardwoods. Precise blend depends on the availability.

$225/ Quarter-Cord
$400 / Half-Cord 
$675/ Full-Cord
$1,200 / 2-cords

Cozy Home
( Blend )

Popular Item
Ultra Premium

Our premium kiln-dried white oak and cherry blend is a clean, burning mixture that emits sweet, smoky whiskey and bourbon scents. The popular choice for open fireplaces and outdoor burning.

$330/ Quarter-Cord
$585 / Half-Cord 
$950 / Full-Cord

Weekend Gathering

( Oak Blend )

Oak is very dense and heavy and provides excellent heat for your home. Oak firewood produces consistent heat and a low flame, so, you won't need to tend to the fire as often.

$275/ Quarter-Cord

 $450/ Half-Cord

$710/ Cord 

$1200/ 2 Cord Special 

House Warming

( Ash )

One of the best woods for a steady fire and good heat. Ash is a clean-burning hardwood great for heating living rooms

$250 / Quarter-Cord 

$410 / Half-Cord 

$685 / Cord 

Campfire Cooking
( White Oak )

Ultra Premium

Expect smokey notes of whiskey and bourbon with low residue. White oak is part of the premium solid-cut.

$325/ Quarter-Cord
$575 / Half-Cord 
$935 / Full-Cord

Smoker Heaven
( Cherry )

Ultra Premium

Hints of sweet, clean smoky scents. Great for indoor and outdoor burning with low residue. A top choice for smoking all types of meats. Black Cherry is part of the premium solid-cut.

$325/ Quarter-Cord
$575 / Half-Cord 
$935 / Full-Cord

Countless Campfires
( Red Oak )

Ultra Premium
The King of the Hardwoods

Part of the premium solid-cut, the king of hardwoods. It offers the highest heat output and longest burn time with low residue.

$325/ Quarter-Cord
$575 / Half-Cord 
$935 / Full-Cord

Chef Special
( Hickory ) New Orders soon

Ultra Premium

Slow-burning hardwood with low residue. An excellent choice for smoking dense meats. Hickory is part of the premium solid-cut.

$325/ Quarter-Cord
$575 / Half-Cord 
$935 / Full-Cord

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