Kiln-Dried Firewood

The kiln-dried Difference

We have the best firewood. Ask anyone who has ever tried it. We guarentee that you can light our kiln-dried firewood with a single match when it is delivered to you.

What makes our wood so good? It's been kiln-dried in an industrial oven that has been purpose built for drying firewood only. Depending on the species of wood, we have custom programs that not only eliminate molds and fungus that thrive on wood, but dry it to a point of almost zero moisture. "Seasoned" firewood is supposed to contain less than 15% moisture content. We have not been able to detect moisture after our proprietary heat treat process. More importantly, neither have our clients. Our wood is not only free of moisture, but burns longer as well. We only use species with dense, fibrous structures that when heat treated, are compressed for a longer, hotter burn. We use this process for all of our firewood for one reason only, to ensure that we have the absolute best firewood available. 

Sterile, safe, and recommended to store indoors 

  • Easier to Light (just a single match)
  • Burns hotter and longer
  • Creates less smoke
  • Smells great
  • Pest, mold, and fungus free
  • USDA Certified Organic

Why Kiln-Dried?

A Better Experience

We deliver our USDA certified organic kiln-dried firewood to your residence for free. Kiln-dried means it’s free of bugs, mold, fungus, and ready to burn upon it’s arrival. This process also removes moisture making for a longer hotter burn with a lower smoke output. Want Oak, Cherry, or Ash? You got it. We also offer a variety of the above blends. Try our White Oak and Cherry Holiday blend for a sweet, whiskey scent that will put anyone in a festive mood. We are happy to supply you with your desired firewood kiln-dried and treated at our Bear, Delaware site and delivered to your door.


Made Locally, With Love

It's not always a favorable situation to take down a tree, but when we do we put it to use. If it's high quality lumber we can take it to the mill to be turned into something useful forever, or we take it to the kiln to produce the best firewood possible.

Take the leap

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Order YourS

Ultra Premium

Premium solid cut wood only. May order in 100% pure oak, Red Oak, White Oak, Cherry,  Ash, or Hickory, or a mixed blend (based on availabilitiy). Custom lengths available from 12" to 24". Chunk stove wood available.

Free delivery within 20 miles of 19734.  $3/mile additional

Winter Special

Best Seller!
Ultra Premium Hardwood Blend

Contains Oak, Cherry, Maple, Locust, Hickory, Walnut, and American Beech. These kiln-dried premium hardwoods provide the highest heat output of all the hardwoods. Precise blend depends on availability. 

$285/ Quarter-Cord
$450 / Half-Cord 
$710 / Full-Cord
$2,300 / 2-cords

Holiday Blend

Popular Item
Ultra Premium

Our Ultra-Premium kiln-dried White Oak and Cherry blend. The popular choice for open fireplaces and outdoor burning. A clean burning blend that emits the sweet, smoky whiskey and bourbon scents that has made this one of our best sellers.

$330/ Quarter-Cord
$585 / Half-Cord 
$950 / Full-Cord

Red Oak

Ultra Premium
The King of the Hardwoods

Highest heat output and longest burn time with low residue.

$325/ Quarter-Cord
$575 / Half-Cord 
$935 / Full-Cord

White Oak

Ultra Premium

Smokey notes of Whiskey and Bourbon with low residue.

$325/ Quarter-Cord
$575 / Half-Cord 
$935 / Full-Cord

Black Cherry

Ultra Premium

Hints of sweet, clean smoky scents. Top choice for smoking all types of meats. Great for indoor and outdoor burning with low residue.

$325/ Quarter-Cord
$575 / Half-Cord 
$935 / Full-Cord


Ultra Premium

Slow burning dense hardwood. Great choice for smoking dense meats. Low residue.

$325/ Quarter-Cord
$575 / Half-Cord 
$935 / Full-Cord

Species based upon availability.

You can mix and match.

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All orders must be paid in full before processing.

Free delivery within 20 miles

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