Tree Pruning

best pruning practices

Not only should pruning be performed during the winter months when trees are dormant, but proper practices should be followed as well. Pruning tools should be dissinfected if there is any evidence of distress in the tree. It is essential that proper pruning cuts are made when working on trees. This ensures that the tree heals properly and re-directs more of its energy into the healthy tissue of the tree as opposed to healing unneccesary wounds. 


 winter pruning 

Winter iS The Time For Pruning

Did you know that the best time to trim your trees is in the winter months when the trees are dormant? According to the ISA (International Society of Aboriculture) trees pruned during dormancy not only recover more quickly and with more vigor than trees trimmed during the warmer months, but they are stronger and more disease resistant as well.

crown cleaning

The most common practice when it comes to pruning, or trimming, is crown cleaning. This is performed at the Arborists discretion based on the environment, location, species, and known growth habits of the tree being worked on. All dead wood is removed along with any inferior branches as long as the overall health of the tree is not negatively impacted. Crown cleaning should only be performed by an experienced arborist with another arborist on the ground as an extra set of eyes for proper branch mapping.


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