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If it’s growing in a residential area, your tree needs to be pruned and trimmed regularly to ensure it continues on in evergreen radiance. A neglected tree can be overcome by a fungus or consumed by insects. Spotting and addressing these potential catastrophes is the key to maintaining the health of your tree. 

Life often isn’t as woven together as the woods. We offer checkups and full treatments scheduled at your convenience, so that your trees continue to thrive and your routine goes uninterrupted. 

We provide:

  • Diagnostic Reporting
  • Winter Tree Trimming
  • Pruning
  • Removal
  • Fall fertilization
  • Insecticide & Fungicide
  • Emergency Cleanup

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Diagnosis and treatment of diseases, pests, & fungus

In today's environment, there are a multitude of pests that can adversely impact the health of you shrubs and trees. We offer comprehensive treatment solutions to keep your property looking healthy and beautiful all year around.

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Root Pruning

Younger trees are suseptible to a condition known as root girdling. This commonly occurs when small feeder roots rise to the surface and subsequently loop down and choke out primary anchor roots and main feeder roots. This causes die back in the tips and ultimately leads to pre-mature death. 

Vertical Mulching & biochar

Vertical mulching is the best way to loosen soil around compacted roots. This is very common with clay soils on the eastern seaboard and in high traffic areas. Vertical mulching breaks up the compacted soil allowing for a biochar material to be backfilled at predetermined locations around the base of the tree. This stimulates the roots to grow more vigorously leading to a stronger, healthier tree.


Deep Root Fertilization

Deep root fertilization is the best practice for delivering much needed essential nutrients directly to the root system of the tree while aerating the soil at the same time. The pressurized liquid compound is injected around the roots deep into the soil for the tree to use during the peak growing seasons. Fall fertilizations are performed in late summer to late fall when the soil temperatures are around 55 degrees. This promotes healthy root growth during the winter months. Spring fertilization treatments are best done before or as the trees are pushing buds. This ensures strong, healthy tissue during the growing season. 


The practice of mulching is often misunderstood. Trees that are over-mulched are at an increased risk of girdling roots which leads to rapid decline in younger trees. This is most commonly seen in parking lots and shopping centers where trees are frequently over mulched. As Arborists, we use a thin layer of mulch to insulate the roots of younger trees from extreme tempertures and moisture levels.  


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