Tree Planting

Providing for the future

Whether you are looking to establish a lush green screen of trees between your property and a neighboring property or planning on creating some depth or landscape feature, we have the solution.

We grow our own Green Giant Arborvitae and Green Splendor Arborvitae. These lush evergreen trees are excellent for estabishing privacy screens. We also supply and plant a variety of other evergreen and decidious trees from local nurseries. At Corrin Tree & Landscape Company, we believe that planting trees and shrubs is the best way to ensure future generations can benefit from a healthy, green landscape.  


Beautify Your Property

Nothing makes a permanent statement to the landscape of your property like large, healthy trees planted in the right spot. They offer protection from the elements and new spaces to relax and unwind. Not to mention the fact that they clean the air that we breath and provide errosion control with their vast root systems. Also, properly placed and maintained trees and shrubs increase property value. Whether you are trying to add a row of Green Giants to offer some much needed privacy between you and your neighbor, or you would like a stately Scarlet Oak front and center in the front yard, or need a full park renovation to breath new life into a tired estate setting, we can handle the project in a timely manner.


Screen Trees

When a wall of green is in order, not many trees are as reliable as the Green Giant Arborvitae. They are an incredibly resilient species of evergreen tree, both easy to plant and maintain. Often reaching heights of 50ft at a rate of 3ft per year, the green giant arborvitae’s voracious growth makes it a perfect option for privacy, preventing pool peaking neighbors and binocular strapped drivers.  These pest and storm resistant trees have proven themselves year after year in a variety of landscape aplications.

tree selection

Our experts can help you select the plant material that will help you achieve the dreams that you have for your property. Certain species offer spreading shade while others provide interesting asthetics during all four seasons. Some tower over structures, while others can accent and soften the corner of a structure.


robust plant material

We work very closely with local nurseries to provide top-quality, specimen grade plant material. We prefer field-grown plant material cultivated in local soils for our projects. This lessens the impact of transplant shock allowing the new trees & shrubs to establish quickly.


It is critical to have a variety of native species in any landscape. This is especially true for large estates. We take the "park approach" when planning for estate plantings. It is just as important to have the large, stately trees as it is to have a good blend of native shrubs that are interesting and changing with the seasons.


Removal Of Old, tired landscapes

Before any new landscape construction can begin, it is important that the parts being replaced are thoroughly removed and there are no diseased or rotting material left behind. Then it is important that the soil layers are re-established so that the roots can grow into soil that has proper nutrient content and moisture levels.

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