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There is nothing more unsightly than the leafless hulk of a tree at the end of it’s natural life. In addition to gnarly aesthetics, dead trees are dangerous. As any camper would tell you, they are more prone to falling, which can be a costly incident for a homeowner. Trees that have sustained significant storm damage, be it wind or lightning strikes, are potential structural threats.

There are few livings in this world as wondrous as trees. Healthy trees provide clean, cool air for us to breath in the warmer months, and protection during the storms. However, even the healthiest of trees eventually meet their fate and it isn't always obvious. Our experts can conduct a risk assessment for any tree that you have on your property. Corrin Tree has the equipment and expertise to move healthy trees to a more ideal location and remove those that must go. 

We offer:

  • Diagnostic reporting
  • Total Removal
  • Stump Grinding
  • Tree Moving (transplanting)

We Do It All

Big Jobs

Larger jobs are one of the many areas where we excel as a company. We have the equipment and experience to get the large jobs done quickly and safely. We have access to cranes, large capacity brush chippers, and log trucks to move a lot of material in the most efficient manner possible. 


Stump Grinding

No tree removal is fully complete without stump removal. We chose to grind the stump as opposed to pulling it out. This preserves soil layer integrity and prevents future water issues often associated with soil disruption. 

Brush Chipping

We chip all brush on site to minimize material handling and decrease processing time at the mulch yard. Our large capacity chippers make chipping large quantities of brush a breeze. This is essential to an efficient tree care operation. 


Cutting & Hauling

When large amounts of material must be moved, it is absolutely essential to have the right equipment. Our log truck makes clearing jobs and larger tree removal jobs much safer and quicker by being able to move large quantities of material in a single trip.

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